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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:40 am 

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Hi Guys,
I am a UK academic writing a paper for the Audio Engineering Society, and amongst other things I am talking about overdubs.
I remember getting a Zappa fanzine pamphlet in (I think) the late 80s, and in it Keep It Greasy was discussed. I think if I recall correctly, that FZ personally had some input into this.
It is common knowledge that the solo section of the track is in 19/16, but what I think I remember reading was that the guitar solo came from a different source, and was in 11/8 (Was it? Kinda hard for my ears to figure that out by themselves...)

The thing is I would like to cite this in the paper, but need a definite source. Does anyone know of this pamphlet, or indeed a definite source of this info? I cannot really just state it blind, and I could even be remembering this wrongly.

Any help, most appreciated!!!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:15 am 

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You might be thinking of this :

Colaiuta stats that Joe's Garage was one of the most challenging recording experiences of his career. The session originally was intended to last only a day, and produce a single tune, but the session went on for a month and yielded a double album. No doubt one of the most difficult songs on the album, and probably the one considered to be the "holy grail" of Vinnie's recordings among drumming fans, is "Keep it Greasy".

The tune alternates between 4/4, 19/16, and 21/16 time signatures. Amazingly, the tune was recorded in its entirety in one live take, with no punch-ins or overdubs! The following transcription is from the guitar solo passage, which is placed in 19/16 time and starts at 3:18 ... reasy.html

video here : ... es_Dennett

or you might be thinking of this :

Keep it greasy" appeared on the setlist in 1976 and got first released on "Joe's garage" in 1979. The main melody remained virtually the same, only some seconds with add-ins are different. The bass part and the harmonies from the 1979 variant have departed a little from the original. Specific for the 1979 version is the inclusion of a guitar solo, played over an articulated vamp in 19/16. There's a page about how to learn the drum part of this vamp in Vinnie Colaiuta's site ( ... reasy.html). In Modern Drummer, November 1982, Vinnie commented:
"There's this one part where the actual time signature is 19/16. The feel is like it is 4/4 with three 16th notes tacked onto the end of it. Then there's another part in 21. It was all one live take; no splices or adds or anything. We just rehearsed it. We used to play it on the road and Frank said, "Okay, we're going to elongate that in the studio and that's going to be a solo. You're just going to vamp out until I give you a cue and then we'll go into something else." And bingo, he gave us a cue and zipp, we were in 19/16. We just cut that track with guitar, bass and drums. I don't recall if there was electric piano in that particular solo section or not. We went to Village Recorders one day and just churned out tune after tune, all live, no edits or anything."
The vamp is played fast in a nervous manner, thus forming a sharp contrast with the following song, "Outside now", that has a much slower sentimental vamp. Because of this the emotions from "Outside now" never come out as outspoken as at the beginning of this song in the "Joe's garage" version. The two examples from above contain the main melody (1976 version from "FZ:OZ") and the ending of the guitar solo, taken from "Joe's garage". After that the vamp plays solo for a while before "Outside now" starts off.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:11 am 
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justinpaterson wrote:
… but what I think I remember reading was that the guitar solo came from a different source, …

Hi justinpatterson,

nearly all of the solos on Joe's Garage come from different sources (live recordings). The process of combining tracks from different sources is called xenochrony in FZ's context. Experimental resynchronization.'s_Garage.html#Greasey


PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:28 am 

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Hi Both,
This must be the latest ever thank you, but thank you both very much for this excellent information! I was so busy trying to write my paper that I forgot to do this back then, and stumbling upon the post in Google just now suddenly made me realize my mistake.

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