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 Post subject: Re: Legitimizing Myself
PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 6:52 am 

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DAG wrote:
(I need a coupla legit posts b4 I can post the links I wanted to about this subject, so here's the first...) serious leather...

You need to be a member for at least seven days, as well as make at least 2 legitimate posts.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:27 pm 

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feetlightup wrote:
Crudblud wrote:
feetlightup wrote:
Crudblud wrote:
häuptling aberja wrote:
Don't be silly about Gail & the kids "profiteering" off Frank's tapes & whatnots--would he have wanted them to either discard or sell off the rights to the Vault? Nonsense.

But as far as I was aware Frank didn't care if he was remembered or whether his music lived on. So there goes your argument.

I hate to sound cynical and I doubly hate to question Frank's word, but c'mon... how could he have worked his whole life on a body of work and not cared if it lived on? I think he was just being humble, which is an honorable attitude to have, but everyone is vain to some extent, whether or not we admit it. Why do people create art? "Hey Mom, look at me! Look at me!" That's the primal impetus behind it, I think.

Please don't take insult at this - I know I may be crossing the "artistic integrity" line, but I was a philosophy major in college and I can't help but analyze things until the magic's all gone. Plus, I'm in a crappy mood today. :wink:

Well, Philosopher Feet, who would've thought it? You know, other than people that know him personally. Nevermind...

Yes, yes Frank had a huge ego (it's true, don't deny it), but still I know there's the whole attention thing behind what a lot of people do, I'm just not sure if Frank did it for that. Obviously when he discovered an audience then he knows he's going to have people listen to it, but when he first began composing it was most likely that hardly anyone would ever hear it. I don't know whether the fame did change him or whatever but I think there's at least some truth to what he said.

I agree he did it mainly for himself, even after he acquired a large(ish) audience. The man did have integrity, that's for sure. I remember reading something to the effect that he wrote stuff like he did because it's what he wanted to hear, and since no one else was writing it, he did it himself. But so much effort went into it, that it seems absurd that he wouldn't care if everyone just threw it all in the trash once he died - I'm sure he was too proud of his work to wish it to be dismissed like that.

For some reason, I'm reminded of the Residents, who for their second album (so the legend goes) recorded an entire piece (now known as "Not Available") and then stored it away, never intending to release it in the first place. It was an exercise in an ego-less process of creation, creating something for no intended audience at all, based on the premise that one sacrifices his true natural artistic impulses when creating art with an audience in mind. Eventually Ralph Records did release it, but by then the Residents had "forgotten it existed" so the they didn't mind. An interesting way to work, assuming it's not just a bunch of BS cooked up to fuel the Residents' myth. It is my favorite album of theirs by far though - and sounds very different from the rest of their material.

My point (I have a point?) is that such ego-free creation of art is definitely difficult to do without taking extreme measures like the Residents did and literally recording something with no intention to release it. BUT, even in their case, it's hard to imagine the Residents making that album without thinking at least once, "Will so-and-so like this?" or even "Will people be really blown away by how out-there this is?"

Bla Bla Bla... ok, enough from me.. This is worse than some of my term papers.

This is really interesting feets. Never the story about that Residents record. What's the name of it? I had never looked at this thread until today. I'm learning lots!

" . . . On the outside now . . ."

PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2016 2:08 pm 
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Is this still relevant?


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