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PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:13 am 

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Grimpoteuthis wrote:
SXSW is a very well respected film festival. It's a bit fresher and less stuffy then most others of its caliber, and is very music-doc friendly because I believe SXSW has a concurrent music+arts festival.

True, it's music oriented and is a logical place to see if your musical and or concert films are any good.
DC Boogie wrote:
It's sensible to have a 90 minute well-structured version for broad commercial release, to not chase away or bore the hell out of an ordinary audience.This doesn't exclude the possibility of a more complete box set with rough cuts of all the performances for the diehards.

True dat. There's been 20 min. + of The Roxy Movie footage from the film floating around on youtube for a few years now. That might have been made for and taken from the trailer of the film. We'll see when it comes out, but with only 90 min. of film where's are all the new stuff gonna fit in?

We know that there were 3 days filmed, so the chances that there was a heck of a lot more material in the vault is not a joke ... the issue is, that if the sync issues are that bad, then why are those bits and pieces that add another 20 minutes to the movie, not in the movie itself?

And why is the DVD, that supposedly is mastered and whatever, not as good sounding as the original LP? The LP is 33 1/2 RPM, and it's like the DVD re-mastered is running at 34 or 35 RPM, which is barely noticeable but it is probably an issue that has to do with matching/synching the part of the recording that was completely out of line in the original. Like the old day's FM stations things like Black Sabbath always sounded "heavier" than the CD's or LP's, because many stations had their turntables sync'd down a smidge. You and I didn't know that ... but get one of those Stanton turntables and play with the level on the right ... you will go ... son of a bitch!

And I had over 3500 LP's at one time, and now have 3000 CD's instead ... and the issue is very clear and lively, and none of the "radio" stuff, sounds "heavy" anymore, since none of it is EQ'd and adjusted like a lot of music used to be to help sell it better.

If there will be another Roxy DVD, in the end, the Trust likely already blew the opportunity, since the first one did not sell like hot cakes, to help bring up the improved product ten years later ... it was a curiosity item that failed ... why? ... superb concert, but not enough guitar by Frank, and a lot of the fans that would make this a "hit" are strictly guitar fans ... and the DVD does not have enough of it at all!

Close the book. Waste of time. Conversation over.

The only art there is, resides within your heart. Have you listened to it lately to ensure that the top ten is better than you are?

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