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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2018 7:05 pm 
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PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2018 12:30 am 
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Is that or thumb, it!

You're probably wondering why I'm here
(not that it makes a heck of a lot of a difference to ya)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:44 pm 
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Well, I'm happy!

. . . finally. 8)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:17 am 
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Clay Jones

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:22 pm 
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Stanley Cup-winning Capitals coach Barry Trotz resigns


PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:15 am 
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New Islanders coach Barry Trotz fires salvo at Capitals over contract impasse.

Found here Image ... 44470.html

PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:33 am 
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Ice Hockey Comes to Wellington.....

North American ice hockey hit men get their skates on for three-match NZ series
Last updated 15:15, June 21 2018

US captain Zenon Konopka (right) is an ice hockey enforcer.

Kiwis will now be able to judge for themselves if American comedian Rodney Dangerfield was joking when he said "I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out".

National Hockey League stalwarts - two of them noted "enforcers" - are in each sides for a three-match ice hockey series between Team Canada and Team USA, which starts in Auckland on Friday.

Canadian captain Nolan Yonkman, who now plays in Finland, is a YouTube star of ice hockey fights, while US captain Zenon Konopka is a noted NHL enforcer.

Canada captain Nolan Yonkman on the bench.

Enforcers protect star players and goalies from dirty or violent play; they are also called "goons".

But while the tough guy is the stereotype ice hockey player, the modern game is said to be faster and more skillful than it was at the turn of the century, out-and-out enforcers are a rare being.

Canadian captain Nolan Yonkman.

Those who rate ice hockey the greatest game in the world point to its speed, skill, team play, warrior-like qualities and goal celebrations.

For New Zealanders who haven't seen the national men's and women's leagues, there's the chance to enjoy the full North American experience - ice hockey, plus, Budweiser beer, chili dogs and maple burgers.

Game two is at Wellington's Westpac Stadium on Saturday, with Queenstown hosting the final game on Thursday. That one is sold out.

Wellington's game - touted as the first time in the Southern Hemisphere ice hockey has graced a major stadium - gives those in the capital a chance to see the game, as there is no New Zealand ice hockey side based there.

The men's league consists of Botany Swarm (Auckland), Canterbury Red Devils (Christchurch), Dunedin Thunder, Skycity Stampede (Queenstown) and West Auckland Admirals, while the women's features Auckland, Canterbury and Southern.

Here are some key players.


Paul Rosen (coach)

Nolan Yonkman (captain): first played NHL for the Washington Capitals (who this year won the Stanley Cup), then Arizona Coyotes, Florida Panthers, and Anaheim Ducks

Peter Holland: Originally drafted by Anaheim Ducks now plays for the New York Rangers. He played 166 games for the Toronto Maple Leafs, before being traded to the Arizona Coyotes in 2016.

Chris Driedger: a goalie prospect for the Ottawa Senators.

Byron Froese: drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks, he moved to the Toronto Maple, the Tampa Bay Lightning and now plays for the Montreal Canadiens' AHL affiliate.


Dennis Maruk (coach)

Zenon Konopka (captain): NHL career spanned over 300 games, at the Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, Minnesota Wild, and Buffalo Sabres. Konopka is an "enforcer".

T J Brennan: one of the elite offensive defencemen in the AHL, in the 2015-16 season he scored 25 goals -- third equal in league scoring.

Richard Bachman: goalie who joined the Vancouver Canucks in the 2015-16 season. He also played for two years with the Edmonton Oilers/OKC Barons and four with the Dallas Stars/Texas Stars.

Aaron Johnson: drafted in the 2001 third round by the Columbus Blue Jackets, where he played the majority of his 291 career NHL games – also played for the New York Islanders, Chicago Blackhawks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, and the Boston Bruins.

- Stuff ... eries?rm=m

Coolest little capital: Wellington's Westpac Stadium delays ice hockey game
Last updated 13:01, June 23 2018

Wellington's first ever international ice hockey game has been put on ice for a few more hours after a pipe burst.

Event promoters announced shortly after midday that a curtain-raiser featuring the New Zealand Ice Blacks against an All Stars team had been cancelled as a result.

The main match between Team USA and Team Canada at Westpac Stadium has been delayed from 4pm to 7pm. Gates now open at 5.30pm.

Ross Giblin
An ice hockey rink is been built at Westpac Stadium for the match between US and Canada teams on Saturday night.

"A pipe containing the agent used to freeze the ice rink burst at a critical time in the production," a statement from the promoters said. As a result, the ice rink is not ready for play at the original time.

Ross Giblin
Preparations continue for an ice hockey match at Westpac Stadium on Saturday.

"The promoters TEG Live and TLA Worldwide apologise to fans for any inconvenience.

Tonight's All Blacks versus France rugby game will screen on televisions in the concourse "so that patrons can stay connected with both sporting fixtures".

A Metlink spokeswoman said they had adjusted their train timetable to suit the later start.

Ross Giblin
Frost on one of the main water pipes at Westpac Stadium.

They will have additional seating on train services heading in as gates open at 5.30pm, and extra services on the Kapiti, Hutt Valley and Johnsonville lines to get them home after the main game.

MetService meteorologist Claire Flynn said not a drop of rain was expected.

About 10,000 fans were in for a cloudy afternoon with a light northerly wind bringing the temperature to about 10 degrees in the stadium.

Former NHL player and tour operator Kerry Goulet said spectators could expect a "fast, physical and entertaining game of ice hockey".

"We understand that a lot of people know practically nothing about ice hockey, so what we're looking to do is give them a great visual experience.

"We have a lot of skill across both teams and they're all raring to show New Zealand the beauty of ice hockey."

Goulet has looked to couple the education around concussion with game-play throughout his tours.

A co-founder of non-profit organisation Stopconcussions, he said the exhibition was just as much about creating awareness around head injuries as it is about entertainment.

"After suffering a few head knocks over the course of my career I realised that there was a need for education around the issue.

"So this whole tour isn't only about putting on great shows, it's also about teaching our players, team and viewers the importance of looking after yourself and looking out for those around you."

The stadium had a frozen facelift earlier this week, in two days transforming from a grassy rugby venue into an ice hockey rink.

It comes just one week after the All Blacks and France tangled there in the second rugby test.

Transformation began at midnight on Wednesday, where workers began the time-constrained process of putting together the "packed in" ice hockey rink.

Stadium turf manager Hagen Faith said they were on track to have the job completed by Saturday afternoon, just hours before the first puck is hit.

"Luckily the weather has held off and fingers crossed it stays that way," he said.

"It's like a jigsaw puzzle, only bigger and we've just got to piece it all together."

Faith and his team required close to 1000 tonnes of gravel to fill the 640 cubic metres of space needed for the playing surface.

Imported ice mats, essentially refrigeration coils, were then laid over the gravel base, with dasher boards and protective glass completing the skeleton of the rink.

About 40,000 litres of water was poured in on Thursday night, and was frozen by morning. External structures such as players' benches and advertising boards were also slotted in that night.

Ice markings and groomings were the final touches.

Stadium chief executive Shane Harmon said ice hockey was a great way to cap off a busy month.

"Having just hosted the All Blacks last weekend, Hagen, his team and all the volunteers have done extraordinarily well to have everything in place for us to host this historic ice hockey match.

"We're always looking for innovative ideas to make use of our world-class facility and so when the opportunity came for us to host New Zealand's first outdoor ice hockey game, we jumped at it."

Harmon said 9500 tickets had been sold, and he was confident the goal of 10,000 spectators would be hit.

- Stuff ... -game?rm=m


Stadium chief executive admits 'more questions needed to be asked' after ice hockey match cancelled
Last updated 17:30, June 24 2018

Wellington ice hockey fans disappointed the ice hockey classic between USA and Canada at Westpac stadium was cancelled due to bad weather however accept that it's just 'one of those Wellington things'.

Westpac Stadium chief executive Shane Harmon says Sunday's cancelled ice hockey match between the USA and Canada was the most difficult event he has been faced with in his 20 years in the industry.

The match, which was to be Wellington's first international ice hockey game, was eventually scrapped on Sunday afternoon following two earlier postponements from its original Saturday afternoon start time.

The first issue arose on Thursday evening when one of the pipes containing the agent used to freeze the water on the temporary rink burst, putting organisers behind schedule.

Disappointed fans leave the stadium after being told the match was cancelled.

The match was pushed back from 4pm to 7pm as organisers made a frantic attempt to resolve the issue, but time eventually ran out and the game was delayed until noon Sunday.

Then things went from bad to worse, as strong winds blew the fencing over on one side of the rink just before the puck was dropped. The game was initially delayed again, then cancelled shortly afterwards.

The hockey game was further delayed when the perspex wall blew over.

"We're very, very disappointed," Harmon said. "It's the most challenging event that I've been involved with in 20 years in this [events] industry.

"It's the first event we've had to cancel in the stadium's 18-year history."

Problems started from the outset, with logistical difficulties in even getting the gear to Wellington, Harmon said.

Canadian supporters, from left, Kirsty and Mike Peticlerc, of Hastings, and Teresa and Paul McQuinlan of Wellington, had an earlier than planned trip home after the match was called off.

Then came the pipe issue, which delayed freezing of the water, and finally the temporary fence collapsing.

The promoters, TEG Live and TLA Worldwide, were already removing the flexi panels from the outside of the rink because they were being blown about in strong winds, when one side collapsed, Harmon said.

It was decided at that point to cancel the match.

Flexi panels have fallen over at Westpac Stadium just before an ice hockey match between the USA and Canada was due to start.

Preparation time was not an issue, but "more questions would need to be asked" of promoters if the stadium was to consider hosting another ice hockey match.

"For an event like this, certainly more questions need to be asked in relation to the infrastructure.

"Fans do respond to different and unique events and we'll continue to look to do that, but having known nothing about ice hockey a week ago, and what we know now, we would be seeking more information."

No ratepayer money was spent on hosting the game, and most of the risk stood with the promoters, Harmon said.

However, many fans were left disappointed, with some making three trips to the stadium only to be told the match was not starting.

The parking rate was a $30 flat fee, and there were large queues seen waiting to get in.

Specators were looking forward to seeing some ice hockey on Sunday after the game had been delayed. Arriving at the stadium are Joanne McKinstry with son Liam, 5, and Kate Coles.

TEG Live said in a statement the match was cancelled "due to circumstances beyond the control of the promoters".

"The team worked tirelessly to deliver the 2018 Ice Hockey Classic to Wellington today but, in the interests of safety of players and the need to deliver a quality event for fans, the decision was made to cancel the event."

"The promoters regret the cancellation and apologise to fans for any inconvenience."

About 10,000 tickets were sold for the match. Full refunds would be given to all ticket holders.

Ticket-holder Sophie Scott, who travelled to and from the stadium three times to see the match, said it was unacceptable for the game to be called off because of bad weather.

Scott took the bus from Miramar to get to the stadium, costing her more than $20 over the two days, and also took Sunday off work at the last minute to attend the postponed game.

"Yesterday, it was kind of understandable - you can't do a lot about a pipe breaking.

"But today it was the weather that really brought down the rink. It's being played in Wellington. Everyone knows Wellington's windy, you've got to prepare for that sort of thing."

While she would be happy with a refund, Scott said she was more disappointed about missing out on the chance to see her first live ice hockey game.

"I'm pretty upset. I was really looking forward to something new.

"I wanted some entertainment."

- Stuff ... elled?rm=m

hey punk, where you going with that dog on your ass?

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