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PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:50 pm 

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Just got back from the tremendous concert at the Neptune Theater! This was my 4th time to see The Dweez and Co. in concert in Seattle, and I absolutely feel this was the finest show they've put on yet. My hat goes off to Dweezil for some tremendous arrangements of his fathers beautiful music.

First, here is the set list!! Concert began at 8:00pm and ended at 10:30pm.

Treacherous Cretins
Hungry Freaks Daddy
Teenage Prostitute
Dirty Love
Enchidnas Art Of You
Penguin in Bondage
Pygmie Twilight
I'm so cute
Baby Snakes
Tryin to grow a chin
Zombie Woof
Oh No
Lets make the water turn black
Harder than your husband
Wind Up Working at a Gas station
Ride my face to Chicago
Debra Kedabra (Pete Jones, guitar handler for Dweezil, on vocals)
Who are the brain police
Smooth jazz (guitar changing music)
Outside Now
Packard Goose
Drum solo
Cosmik Debris
Willie The Pimp
Muffin Man
Strictly Genteel

They played something before Wind Up Working In A Gas Station, I don't know exactly what it was, but a minute or so later they went into the Gas Station song which I recognized.

The last song was a big surprise - we all thought they were going out with a bang when they played Muffin Man. I think it's been used before as a show ending, and a good one at that! But then Dweezil put down his SG and put on his Strat and said he wanted to play a song that the audience had been calling out (EDIT: this was actually Willie The Pimp the audience was asking for). He said his father had been asked, late in his life I suppose, of all the songs he wrote which one did he enjoy performing the best? So we're all thinking, geez, so many out there, what could it be? Well the answer was Strictly Genteel, and we're all just like OK! It was gorgeous.

The selection of songs for this show was outstanding. I love the variety. Of course, the Roxy selections were the most enjoyable. Enchidna's Art of You was a real symphony, just incredibly beautiful to hear played live.

My ears were ringing halfway through the concert, so I put the ear plugs in. And they did a good job of removing all the distortion, and I really felt I could hear the tones from Dweezil's guitar better with them in!

Dweezil is such a mellow guy on stage, I think we all felt that he needed to TURN THE GUITAR UP A LITTLE BIT!!! So if you're out there, Dweezil, reading this (or if someone can pass this on to him), please turn the guitar volume up!! The tones he got for the Joe's Garage solos (Packard Goose and Outside Now) were spot on - he really channeled his father while playing these solos. And I think at the end of the Packard Goose solo, I saw him wipe a tear from the corner of his eye. There is an emotional component to the playing his dad did on Joe's Garage, I could feel it tonight.

I am sure Frank attends these shows (sitting in a cosmik red sofa floating above the crowd, no doubt), and his energy was certainly in the room. With every concert Dweezil performs, the band gets a little tighter, the pacing gets a little faster, and the players seem to enjoy themselves a little more.

I heard no bad notes played tonight, though I am sure there were a few. Sheila G. did her best to channel Kenny G., but failed miserably, she is just far too talented a sax player to do it. Her playing bad sounded amazing.

The Neptune Theater is the smallest venue I've seen Dweezil play in yet. I guess it is about the same size as the Triple Door in downtown Seattle, but the Neptune used to be a movie theater, and is now a live music venue. It had always been a movie theater since it opened in 1921 during the silent film era. And I really liked it! Would recommend it to anyone to see a live show. They had standing room only in front of the stage, and a bar with VIP seating behind. My friend and I didn't want to stand for 2.5 hours so we gladly walked up to the balcony. And the view was terrific! I don't know who sat in the VIP seating area, I didn't see any option to buy those tickets on the website for the show, so it must have been people "on a list" from somewhere.

Anyone else make it to the show? I was sitting with a friend in the second row of the balcony. And amazingly enough, nobody was sitting in front of us, so we had a Command View of the stage and the goings on. I took a few photos, and a few video clips. Will post soon.

Music is the Best! Again! Live on stage in Seattle!!

Thanks Dweezil!!!

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