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 Post subject: The Slime from the Video
PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 12:09 pm 
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Here’s an intro post of for the rest of the thread; I hope some find it interesting to read and reply(:

Would you walk into a car dealer and ask the owner if you need to buy a new car?

Hell no, the owner is profit motivated and doesn’t care about you, he only cares that he gets money out of you.

What if you just needed advice, maybe your car really is breaking down and you want to find out about fixing it, maybe getting another 50, 000 miles out of it, would the car salesman be the best place to get repair advice? You’d have to be crazy.

Yet that’s exactly what we do with the 100% for-profit motivated TV. We ask the salesman, the authority, on everything from Trulicity to Ozempic for Type 2 diabetes, to wars we “need” that require trillions of our “defense” dollars to be shuffled to the rich, to selling us the bad politicians who are bought and paid for by the money structure who have been hard at work transferring our wealth to the rich. We check out the slime from the video.

Instead of selling these drugs that won’t stop this debilitating killer diabetes, why doesn’t the TV just teach us instead that the secret has been out for decades, Type 2 diabetes is easily and reliably curable in 96.4 % of cases (Neil Bernard). Why doesn’t the TV teach us nightly the detailed “expert analysis” of the massive transfer of our wealth from the us regular folk to the hyper-rich through laws from a nearly thoroughly corrupt government?

Well, I think everyone knows the answer to those questions, so why do we keep coming back nightly for more slime from the video? Why do we use the profit motivated news SHOWS, on the profit motivated TV, as the AUTHORITY that 99% drives our conversations the next day at the water cooler?

Frank Zappa wrote a song about it:


Two lines from Frank Zappa’s “I’m the Slime,” (on the Video).

“I’m the tool of the government, and industry too.”

“Your mind is totally controlled, it has been stuffed into my mold.”

Who can argue with Frank?

He prophetically wrote that song when there were still 50 different owners of news and media outlets, now there are four. The problem has greatly intensified; control is far more synchronized, complete.

(Old chart, it’s now 4 companies).


From Amy Goodman

“The media can be the greatest force for peace on Earth. Instead, all too often, it’s wielded as a weapon of war.”

“I really do think that if for one week in the United States we saw the true face of war, [if] we saw peoples limbs sheared off, the kids blown apart, for one week, war would be eradicated.”

Who can argue with Amy?

So, here’s a thread about video slime, and especially about the so-called “news” shows, and how “the slime” is used to influence Americans into accepting permanent wars, and donating nearly everything we earn to the 1% owners of everything.

Oops, made a claim…if you don’t agree we’re giving nearly everything to the rich, or you feel it’s the “other party” that is giving it all to the rich, here’s a graph comparing wealth of the top 1% to the bottom 90%, also please notice also there are no turnarounds in the trajectory when either party controls Congress or the presidency, both parties are on the take now…it’s all one direction for us.


The graph begs the question, how long can this continue if we don’t vote it around, we don’t have infinite money to keep giving them, look at the bottom 90% line, we’re going to run out.

We have to be aware of what we're looking at when we watch the rich owned news shows. When you know who owns the news (and what else they own), you can begin to ask natural “car dealer” type questions such as, what would the rich TV owners show us so they can make more money from us? More importantly, what would they keep us from seeing in order to make more money off us? And MOST importantly, how could they keep us distracted away from looking at them, and how they’ve hijacked our government and our wealth for their own enrichment.

They’re not doing this for us, they’re doing this to make money, as Frank might sing: “You ain’t even number two.”

I’ll start with who owns the TV news shows…


Disney News – owns ABC and FOX

Viacom News – owns CBS.

Time-Warner News (kinda like Looney Tunes, maybe Sylvester should be the anchor), owns CNN.

GE News (a leading military contractor), owns NBC / MSNBC.


There was a company called News Corporation that the majority of the cable networks and other media got their news stories from, from Wikipedia, “News Corporation had become a media powerhouse since its inception, almost dominating the news, television, film and print industries.”

With restructuring, News Corp then was bought by 21st Century Fox in 2013, and then 21st Century Fox was bought by Disney in 2019 for $73 billion dollars. We’re going to need to watch a ton of ads to make that $73 billion dollars back for the rich investors, don’t even touch that dial!

We truly all watchDisney News now.

Two subdivisions spun off, News Corp Australia, and News UK.

Worldwide consistency of message, with the rich 1% owning it and in control, the authority knows what they’re doing.

This single focal point of source gives the news stunning agility in controlling stories, in instantly getting the same message across all channels to everyone. This agility is especially visible when stories need to be heavily altered in a consistent fashion and instantly sent across all channels, or news needs to be simultaneously switched off on all channels because it became harmful to profits, (see the amazing,switch to the complex lie that’s OPPOSITE the facts, simultaneously on all channels, that starts 4 minutes in).


The rich are the rich because they own everything. Their wealth is spread through the market, indeed the market IS their wealth, (and it’s why taxpayers have to keep bailing the market out, I mean bailing the rich out, you can’t make this up). The rich lose money on their real estate scams and the market (their money), drops, and we poor taxpayers bail them out; the coronavirus hits dropping the market, and we taxpayers bail them out again…if you notice, the Dow is back over 30, 000 now again, the rich are all set…but “we’re starving man, this fucking band is starving.”

You can estimate how much of the four remaining media giants the 1% own by looking at the distribution of wealth photo below:


That’s pretty much the ratio, it’s how much the rich owners control what we see and don’t see, how much of our water cooler conversations the 1% control. We see it on the news at night, we talk about it at the water cooler the next day, it’s as simple as that. The rich get us to work against ourselves, and for them, in fact many “politically concerned” are ADAMANT to work for the rich, although they truly believe they are working for the good of the many…and the rich are laughing all the way to the bank. That’s reality, in fact that’s the REAL news story.

Of course the stock market goes further than the four entertainment giants, the 1% also own controlling share in banks, defense contractors, drug companies, insurance companies, manufacturing companies, food giants, oil and energy companies, all the things they’re selling on TV. In short, the rich are the rich by definition because they own most of everything, (and therefore no TV programming info can be allowed that can damage sales of any of these companies they own and advertise…they’ve got Lipitor, Tyson chicken wings, and cars to sell).

But the 1% need our help in one crucial thing…they need us to vote their representatives into our government, everything depends on that. Conversely, electing representatives of the 90% would end wars, bring our manufacturing back which would cause employers to have to compete for employees again (as before when jobs were easy with raises, and FULL medical, and pensions, and one parent working was plenty). It would be very detrimental to the rich if we suddenly elected representatives of us, we’d get back so much so fast; it makes sense they’d use their news shows to control us.


No, because the news would be on if that were the case. We’d headline the most important stories first, stories such as the takeover of our government by corruption, the permanent wars and people getting hurt by our votes for the rich detonating US bombs overseas every 12 minutes, (we Americans detonate 26, 000 bombs a year since Obama /Biden escalated from Bush II). We’d see feature stories detailing the widespread hardship endured by all Americans caused by our outsourcing our manufacturing with the WTO. We’d see HEADLINES that we could have all our jobs and prosperity back immediately ). If it were real news reporting, the headlines would be the suffering of the vast majority of Americans, is all unnecessary in this most richly resourced and productive land. We’d see headlines detailing exactly how “the news” leads us repeatedly into voting for representatives of the rich; we’d all know better than to do THAT again. Those are some of the real top stories, but they aren’t on, so we’re not watching the news, it’s something else: it’s programming.

In fact the most important news stories would cause us to start acting contrary to what we’re doing now, contrary to what the owners of the news need us to do; the news can’t be on, the rich would lose control.


Well, what is the purpose of these four entertainment giants that produce the so called news?

To make money for the people who own them, largely the 1%.

What is the product of their television productions?

High viewership numbers to maximize advertising prices to sell to their sponsors.

What is the product of their news productions

High viewership numbers to maximize advertising prices to sell to their sponsors.

That’s why the news has trumpets and cymbals, (at least I’ve never heard ‘em outside).*

It’s also why slime is impossibly loaded with ads.

Seventy-three billion dollars for Disney’s purchase of Fox and its News Corp, that’s a lot of money to recover from ads, “Friends, don’t touch that dial!”

Obviously we won’t get nightly headlines of each days hurt caused by US bombings, weapons sales would drop and people would touch the dial. How many deaths from the 26, 000 bombs we dropped last year did we see on the news? However, let one homemade bomb be detonated in Boston, and it’s on 24 x 7, viewers are glued for weeks, that’s real media control. Such a story can even fill the dual purpose of engineering support for more “defense & security,” weapons sales. A bomb in Boston will get serious graphics and music indeed; their research shows emotion is key to control.

How the purposes of the 1% change what we see on the news shows.

How does that change us?


It’s natural for us to talk about what we saw on the so called “news” shows last night, and if we didn’t catch it, our friends will be happy to fill us in on what we “missed.” That’s a powerful gift to give to the rich. More powerful is the practice of omitting critical information, information that would make us act in opposite ways, ways that would benefit us and hurt the 1%.

And if it’s not on the news, it’s not in the general consensus, (think about it to see if you agree).

I’m going to use the devastating problem of Black Lives Matter to show how this “safe to the rich” problem is used by the rich to distract and control the general consensus away from the root cause problem of our consistently transferring our wealth to the 1%. It’s a shame that such an entrenched, unfair, and debilitating problem is used as a distraction by the rich TV owners, they know what they’re doing, see if you agree:

In recent weeks the news shows has been composed of:

1/3rd the elections (which side you are on, there are only two, more on this control point in a later post).

1/3 by the Coronavirus, and

1/3 by Black Lives Matter.

…and what do we hear on the street? “We’re such a deeply divided nation now,” even driven to violence about it, could it be from months of “Which do you choose?” “Who’s side are you on?” “Which one will you vote for Biden or Trump?” Pounded into us for months, driving in the wedge…and with the purpose of shuffling away and marginalizing the GOOD candidates the rich owners of the media (and everything else), DON’T want us electing.

In Wisconsin they polled people who had just voted and asked them what was on their minds, (hint: it was not corrupt government, chronic expensive bomb detonating, or the transfer of wealth to the rich)…

Exit polls in Wisconsin reported voters first concern was Coronavirus (fair enough, but I might have picked the takeover of government by money corruption, or the likely end of humanity from climate change, deforestation, drought and disease, or accidental nuclear war), but the SECOND biggest concern to voters in Wisconsin was Black lives Matter, Just like on the news shows.

Coronavirus IS a news story. I plan a post to show just how convoluted our slime on that one got; remember Coronavirus is for profit.

So ya don’t have to scroll up to see it…

Does that chart look like a Black Lives Matter problem, or isn't that more like a “nobody’s lives matter except the 1%” problem.” Doesn’t it look like we have a much bigger problem that’s not on the news, and not on the minds of Wisconsin voters?

How could this be?

Although you can’t legislate love (Oh No I Don’t Believe It), what would it be if EVERYBODY’s standard of living tripled across the board…what if our land were filled with opportunity and high education investments…what would THAT do for Black Lives Matter? Think about this one on your own, things such as both parents not needing to work like it was before. What would it be if we didn’t have to worry about money, way less tension from fight for survival, hell, time to be friends. Productivity doubling every 20 years means exactly that our standard of living should double every 20 years. Who’s keeping the money? “Follow the money,” they say, well, there it is, I followed it for you(;

When was the last time you saw expert analysis of this chart on the “news?”

Recovered from a bike wreck since I started this…in that time, the news shows moved on from BLM to other stories. No longer 1/3rd of the hour, Black Lives Matter is only occasionally mentioned now. Cops have been discriminating on blacks for decades; recent murders are but showcased tragedies in a river of tragedy, they suffered in vain unless we start working on root causes.

Compared to 1975, the average American is now paying an extra $1144 dollars [i]every month[/i], month after month, year after year, to the hyper-rich. Did you pay your extra $1144 rich bill to the rich this month? Yup, such is the price of consistently getting led into electing their representatives, (therein lays the answer to most woes too).

Tax shelters & cuts, taxpayer bailouts to the 1% when the stock market drops (their wealth), or when the big banks fail, and through supporting the elite owned military complex, every taxpayer has also now gone from $21,000 in debt to rich owners of the Federal Reserve (a private, for profit bank), to now $235,000 in debt to these rich bankers (from The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken 50 Trillion from the Bottom 90%).

Recent economic disruption from Coronavirus has no doubt accelerated our race to the bottom shown in the two line graph. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and it’s not featured every night on CNN that European and other nations furloughed employees instead of shit-canning them as they did in the US. We see long food lines with both black and white people because the distribution of wealth to the rich is the overarching problem, and through it all, the rich are all set. We just bailed them out again with the coronavirus CARES stimulus, to be leveraged through fractional lending into another 7 Trillion dollar giveaway package to the rich…and that’s not on the news either. Thanks to us, their stock market is back up to 30, 000, they didn’t lose any money…we still are fucked, but thank god the 1% are safe.

Some people think something is going to get better in this race to the bottom with Trump ousted and Biden installed (they can’t see the 90% line going down in the 8 years Biden was Vice President). None people who think like this know Biden’s voting record, or recognize the military and “too big to fail” people Biden is now putting around him. Some might wonder if they’ve mis-used their vote on a war mongering, representative of the 1%. I know, but Trump was so bad; we were led away from the good options again by the TV, we weren’t involved enough and didn’t support them in the primaries, again. (Another future post).

I do wonder if there is enough money left in the domain of the poor to make it another four years, in the situation we’re in now, for another chance for elections, or if we will crash before the next 4 years is up.

It is highly advantageous for the 1% to have us distracted and fighting each other, whites against blacks, democrats against republicans, divide and conquer, because that way, no one is looking what the owners are doing.

The real news story is we’re still so richly resourced, it weren’t for this massive transfer of wealth to the 1%, everyone would have plenty and be living in the promise of a secure future, instead of living in a fight for survival, and fear.

What would it do for BLM if everybody’s standard of living tripled (productivity doubling every 20 years means exactly that), and one parent working was plenty as it was before. We could raise our kids again.

We might have a lot less racial tension and infighting everybody had plenty, and plenty does exist on the graph. Look, there it is, right there in the 1% column.

How did we come to nominate two sleaze balls again, while the good ones got away, again? We lose the presidential elections in the primaries every time. The corrupt party leaders move those who don’t bring big corporate money to the party from our eyes. Of course the news shows have the same boss as the two parties, so they’re happy to help out and they promote the bad and shuffle the good ones away from our eyes.

For a latest in the run of many examples, we had Hawaii’s Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard removed from our eyes. After Super-Tuesday Tulsi qualified and would have been on the debate stage, appearing credible in the now narrowed field, and with time for her unifying, deeply resounding message to contrast her to the others. So the DNC changed the qualifying rules a few days before the debate to get her off the stage and keep their bosses happy.

Plato commented, “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

He’s right, it works!

We have to be aware of what we're looking at when we watch the 1%’s news shows, we’re watching what the 1% want us to be thinking about.

See some slime on your video? Post it here!
* Thanks Amy Goodman
** Thanks Noam Chomsky

Lesser-evilism is war.

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And I'll give Amy Goodman the first post cuz this must be the ultimate Anti-Slime video...

Media Wars

Lesser-evilism is war.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:38 am 
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How Lesser Evilism works:

The result of Lesser Evilism over the last 53 years, comparing the wealth of the top 1% to the bottom 90%.
Chart of "You ain't even number 2."

The middle of this graph the lines diverge because this is when we lost the Democrats to the monied interests. The Democrats, like the Republicans, began taking money from big business PACs.

Here is third ranking Dem party , Tony Coelho, just before the middle of the chart, telling candidates to start taking money from the rich.

I'd respectfully request every Democrat takes 45 seconds to watch this link and look at what happened to the chart when this fundamental shift in representation of the Democratic party happened... and think about what it means when leaders agree to taking PAC money from Big Business. We need the people of the Democratic base to come to understand this because they overall have the right ideas, they just don't yet know their party has left them.

Look at the effect of both parties taking money from big business on the chart, it does not reverse when Dems control the Presidency and/or just keeps getting worse for us, and of course it is going to continue getting worse for us until we decide to do something different.

That's what I want, for us to do something we can rapidly exit government for the rich...I want the people to be #1, not #3 or less.

The Dems used to stand up for us against big business interests who controlled the Republican, since they take money from the same big business' as the Republicans, there is no one left to stand up for us.

Since the Dems used to be for us against Big Business, the Dem base they collected contains the ideas that can save us against the rich...but the base has to first learn their heroes have left them.

There are good Dems offered to us every 4 years, but we don't support them, rather, we watch TV passively waiting for it to tell us who we like...while the DNC and the rich owners of the news shuffle the good Dem candidates out of the race, (like Dems Kucinich and Gabbard who we were overall too apathetic, too unengaged, and to passive to support)...and rather than standing up for ourselves with these the good Dems, we take the easy route and wait and see who the rich and DNC want us to vote for... and end up in election after election choosing between two corporate scumbags...."They both suck again," sound familiar?

The monied leaders of the Dem Party had a new problem, they had to retain their base, while serving the rich... They can't change their message of being for the people, meaning they have to lie and deceive and trick and fool to keep their base...and since the base keeps voting for them (instead of standing up to them), the rich keep getting richer, the middle class disappears, and the bottom 90% get poorer and poorer.

This, of course is not featured on the rich owned news shows.

Lesser-evilism is war.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 6:38 am 
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THIS ONE'S MOSTLY FOR THE US, because that's where this is happening...


'A big, big deal.' Experts say the green light for Johnson & Johnson's vaccine helps bring US a step closer to normalcy

By Christina Maxouris, CNN

(CNN) - The Food and Drug Administration gave Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine the green light for emergency use on Saturday -- another historic milestone experts say will help get the country a step closer to returning to normalcy.

With a Third Vaccine, from Johnson & Johnson, Are We Finally Winning Against COVID-19?

It’s been a year of emotional ups and downs, but for now, at least, even with more variants of the virus{the direct lie], the ups seem to be winning.

"This is really great news,"

:D WOW :D :D :D
"bring the US a step closer to normalcy."
"Get the country a step closer to returning to normalcy"
"Are we finally winning?"
"even with more variants of the virus, the ups seem to be winning."
"This is really great news."

And here's Time/Warner Brothers (controlling ownership by the 1%), oops, I mean CNN's Coronavirus Front page, All The Latest News Folks, trust the 1% :D :D :D ...

...It's alllll good news, We're winning! It sure is nice to be so fully informed!


Even with the new variants it says, the "Latest News" is all good news :D :D :D

Except it's not.

If the worlds leading epidemiologist, the one all the experts quote, Dr. Michael Osterholm of the University of Michigan is correct, we are heading into what he calls a "COVID Hurricane," with a "terrible-terrible-terrible increase in case numbers in the US."

This is not "winning - winning - wining," this is the worlds leading expert predicting a COVID Hurricane with a "terrible-terrible-terrible" increase in case numbers...THATS NEWS...WHY??? isn't on the 1%'s Latest News page?

WHAT Dr. Osterholm is predicting the UK/B1.1.7 variant will continue acting the same way in the US as it acted in the UK, and as the UK had to do around Christmas, in the next 6 to 14 weeks the US will also have to go into another HARD lockdown to get the case numbers down, (parts of UK just started to come out of the Christmas lockdown the day before yesterday).

Dr. Osterholm also warns that "the media has been negligent in their overly positive reporting."

From Vincent Emanualle's article, "If Dr. Osterholm is correct, we have no time to waste and should prepare for the coming hurricane. According to him, the most important factor is time. If the government wastes it, we’ll pay a severe price. "

Well...What's the government going to do? Well, the corrupt politicians we just voted in based on info from the 1%, answer to the same 1% that Time/Warner answers to in the above Latest News page....we're winning! The government isn't going to do anything, and the whole shebang's attitude I see happening above is: "keep 'em in the dark and tell them we're winning." Don't tell them about the COVID Hurricane the world's leading epidemiologist says is coming. Keep them working, keep the money coming, and who cares if we lose some old folks, they're done earning money to donate to the rich anyways, they're just a tax expense.

There is disagreement. I personally think it's likely Dr. Osterholm is right, but the surge deniers (the same people who said Coronavirus was not going to be a big deal), say that with 25% of the US population already exposed to the virus, and another 13% vaccinated, this 38% will stop the B117 surge....

Dr. Osterholm cant say exactly where "Herd Immunity" will start with this particular virus, but it's above 38% (25 + 13), so the UK and other variants will continue to spread as they are currently doing...the UK variant has picked up to doubling every 10 days in parts of the US...coming soon to a person near you.

From Dr. Osterholm, "And I’m telling you right now, everything in my public health background, my training, and 45 years of in the trenches tells me that this is going to be a big peak."

Soooo, boys and girls...isn't this the real news news ? The US headed for a "terrible-terrible-terrible" peak and hard lockdown like last Spring? Shouldn't this at least be a following story on the 1%'s feel good keep them in the dark page above?

I leave it to you gentle reader, to decide for yourself. :)

And let's watch and see what happens :)

Lesser-evilism is war.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 6:49 am 
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Here's more from Dr. Osterholm on the above...

"Do I believe that they’re representative of what’s happening out there? No, we know we have underreporting occurring, a lack of sequencing. But just as was predicted two weeks ago, we’re beginning to see the number of B117 variants double about every ten days. This is exactly what happened in Europe before we saw the major surges. So if we look at the UK, where today 80 percent of the isolates are B117. Their cases do continue to decline. But remember, they’ve been in a lockdown now since before Christmas, a real lockdown. Their peak average seven-day new cases back then were at sixty thousand cases a day. Today they’re at thirteen thousand two hundred after that lockdown. They’re ready to start relaxing a bit of that. But again, it shows you what it took to drive that surge down. Denmark is another country where we’ve seen 42.5 percent of their samples are B117 now, up from 30 percent the week before that and 19 percent two weeks before that. At this point, they, too, are seeing this challenge with B117. And I could go through the laundry list of other countries. I won’t because it’s the same story where this starts to transmit, it spreads. It causes severe problems. The data are clear now that there is, in fact, evidence of increased severe disease. What we have to understand right now is what we will be seeing in these next weeks ahead . . . You have to understand some of the most vocal people right now who are critical of this idea that there will be a surge with B117 are the same people who early in the pandemic were critical that covid-19 was going to be a problem at all and actually said so publicly on many occasions and indicated that influenza would continue to be the most important infectious disease we’d have in the upcoming months. And I’m telling you right now, everything in my public health background, my training, and 45 years of in the trenches tells me that this is going to be a big peak."

Lesser-evilism is war.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2021 9:53 am 

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If so, COVID will become number one killer of Americans. Way over the 650000 killed in Civil War, which was, and still is up to this day, number one killer.
Honestly, I never thought it would have a chance to reach that high.
A high price to pay for blind faith in an incompetent incurable liar.

No doubt, we're doomed !
For a real Democracy: abolish Electoral College

PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:16 am 
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^^^With regards to my post above on B1.1.7 of about a month ago...

If you turn on the "news" here today you'd figure things are going pretty well. Things are opening up, the president says we're gonna have 4th of July bar-b-ques, even restaurants are already opening with no restrictions...for the first time in a year. States doing the opposite of lockdown, dropping mask restrictions. I'm glad we're getting near the end soon.

Yes, we are starting to get intermittent reports on the "news" of the UK variant being found in the US, but not nothing front and center....and those poor locked down people in Europe are sure having problems with their hospitals overloaded. But we're opening up cuz... can't happen here.

Or so some might want us to believe?

Here's UK B1.1.7 variant data from the CDC website...

Two screen shots five days apart, March 25, and March 30...

B1.1.7, the pandemic within the pandemic...

and 5 days later... 5,567 cases becomes 11, 569...


Related: I was watching with Rose in the beginning of November when deaths in my state of Connecticut were finally down to around 16 a day...Thanksgiving was coming and they were saying please gather with the windows open...Rose and I were like huh? Sho nuff, post thanksgiving daily deaths were up to about 26 a day, and they said do the same thing for your Christmas gatherings, and we went up to around 46 a day, and it's taken a long time to come down from that....

So with Europe struggling with 4 month long hard lock downs since Christmas, and overloaded hospitals from the more contagious B1.1.7, we're open ass and opening up you can see above, the country is well seeded...

...might be interesting to watch the so-called news in the US in the coming weeks....I first posted about this variant a month ago, and now that it's too late, and still, we're only getting spurious mentions of variants...but is can't happen here.

It must be the trump voters fault who won't wear masks, how much ya wanna bet we hear that when the SHTF :roll:

I'm not saying the 1% who own the controlling share of the 4 news companies, (and especially Disney who through their purchase of News Corp feeds the other three carriers), but old people dying is a tax savings for the 1%, old people don't work anymore so they earn no income to donate to the rich like the working people do, and old people on the western diet are incredibly expensive medically in the last 15 years of their [horribly foreshortened] lives... will the 1% miss them? You decide.

..just sayin. :wink:

Lesser-evilism is war.

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