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 Post subject: Re: Nine-Eleven Blues
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:18 am 
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that's what happens when you don't read you loose your link to higher thinking

 Post subject: Re: Nine-Eleven Blues
PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:01 pm 

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Shark_Barker wrote:
Men never listen to the poets. They pick them up years later, and dig their righteousness…but they never listen to them as a matter of course.

Amiri Baraka, I salute you. You told it like it was one day one. Can you imagine an atheist like me thinking it had to be biblical? You knew it didn’t make sense, I knew it was unbelievable. Allah, I said, must surely have been their co-pilot.

The thieves of the waveband chortle out their official reality: Nineteen there were, here’s the pictures and names we knew them all well we just couldn’t stop them. They had razor-sharp box cutters.

They were all evil-doers of another religion, bubba. They held off a good number of healthy folks with their one-inch blades. Terrified passengers used their cell phones to call their loved ones and tell them about it as it happened. Reception several thousand feet above the cellular towers was apparently very good.

No one had the fortitude to use their laptop or ink pen to fight off the evil Muslim warriors. These zealots of another religion took over the controls of the airliners and expertly flew them to their targets…in one case executing a turn that would have probably made the passengers and everyone else unconscious, and in another case, slipping along just a few feet off the ground to hit the side of the five-story Pentagon.

On another plane, a brave man called his family, and they told him what was happening. He decided to charge the evil doers and defeat them, which he and others did, but apparently they couldn’t fly the plane at all, and they slammed it into the ground in two places.

So, anyway, these evil foreign terrorist killed themselves and all the passengers by flying the airliners into the Pentagon and World Trade Center. They did it because they are mean and they hate American freedom. They also did it because some guy dragging around a dialysis machine from cave to cave in Afghanistan told them to. Everybody knew who this guy was, even back to Clinton, they just couldn’t seem to stop his evil plot. That’s what all the agencies say, he was the ringleader, here’s his picture, we know him well, we know all about him except exactly where he is.

Proof? We don’t need no stinking proof!

Meanwhile, Smirky McChimp was dazing-off to the lyrical sounds of a children’s reading of a children’s book. He’s playing it real cool for now. The terrorists will never think to look in a elementary-school classroom in nowhere Florida…

Well well well, and Allah praise…them towers come down like they just got unzipped! Horrible! Awesome!


No way!

Buildings don’t fall down like that, jackass. Didja ever think it might be an inside jobber, dude? O yes and thank you sulky girl…

How is it one cannot know by looking? O sure, buildings fall down like that all the time…at the speed of gravity…it’s the weight and the design…it’s supposed to do that…and the one that fell down later that evening? O yeah, same thing. If I were you, I would never stand too close to a big building in New York.

You just never know.

Now, after many years of suspicion, I see you pig bastards for what you are. A manufactured reality cannot sustain itself in the face of the actuality in which it resides. You thieves of the airwaves know full well you are caught. You know the trust is gone, and not for just this one. You may have stolen the minds of my countrymen, but they are rapidly gaining them back, for the eyes cannot be fooled, and bullshit will not be perpetually perfumed.

Liars. Hypocrites. Deceivers. Betrayers. Traitors.

Nineteen suicide soldiers…some are still alive and living in Saudi Arabia. Eighteen of them were from there. We declared war on Iraq, instead, but that’s another story.

Grown people terrified of small razor knives. Get back or by Allah, I’ll trim your nails!

Early estimates of the death toll: around 20,000. Actual toll: around 3000. Okay, who played hooky?

And who short-sold these airline stocks?

And what did Rumsfeld say the day before about trillions unaccounted for at the DoD?

Let’s see…airplanes hit the sides of the tower, there’s a fire burning in each of them at the impact area, then - WHAMMO! - one building comes right down like it was being invisibly disintegrated from above. A few minutes later - VOILA! - an encore with the second tower. The only thing that survived was one of the hijacker’s passports.

Later on that afternoon, feeling left out, WCT7 decided to do the same thing, but in a more traditional manner.

Well, it’s over, let’s get this mess out of here and sell it to China! Quick, before there’s an investigation or something! What? What should be done with the molten steel? Molten steel?! How the fuck should I know?!

Anyway, I guess Allah really showed those Muslims how to sock it to us! What did they get for their trouble? Absolute chaos in parts of their own world. Secretly, Allah really loves the Carlyle Group (Bushco, ect) and Halliburton (CheneyCo), and Israel (US Congress). They are the ones who had glory shine on them through this despicable act.

It’s a good thing they already had the USA PATRIOT Act up and ready to be voted on…a huge piece of legislation written up and passed in about a month and a half, no problem, no debate. The rush to fascism in the name of security was breathtaking. Do they really think they’re all that?

Man, I’ll tell ya…it’s getting me down but it’s as good to care as to not. All I can do is talk sense in the moment.

It’s up to you to listen.

Never forget.

 Post subject: Re: Nine-Eleven Blues
PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 6:50 am 
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