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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:18 pm 

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Also, the reason these are going for big bucks on ebay is for the packaging and the swag contained therein.

The boxes, berets, t-shirts, pins, etc will not fit on a USB stick, trust me on this one.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:23 am 
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TwentySmallCigars wrote:
Spaceresearcher wrote:
Yes darn those typo's and In should be IN as well.

Well I guess the only way to know 100% would be to get the Vaultmeisters to check. All I can go off would be that Frank Zappa authorised the publishing of these albums all touched up so who can say? The fact that us mad keen fans care is further proof these recordings need to be re-released at some point and it would seem with some liner notes with full corrections and explanations. That would be nice.

T'Mershi Duween was not yet recorded and probably not even written at the time of the Sydney shows. We don't need the Vaultmeisters to check anything.

Also, Frank authorized the release of these albums but they are certainly not 'all touched up' and he claimed many times to have no involvement with them other than permitting the release. These were not created from master tapes from the vaults but just carbon copies of actual bootlegs released by other people. FZ was upset that bootleggers were making money off these releases and decided to make some money himself off the bootleggers' work - hence the title 'Beat the Boots'.

Tom Brown from Rhino Records selected a number of bootleg titles for Frank to choose from but according to his book 'Confessions of a Zappa Fanatic' he claims that Gail actually chose which titles to release. He further states that due to Gail's dislike of Ike Willis that no titles featuring Ike were released ('All You Need is Glove' being one title mentioned). Some of the titles are actually quite inferior sounding to the actual bootlegs released at the time (Unmitigated Audacity and Swiss Cheese / Fire to name two).

Again, these titles are not going to be restored by the ZFT, they were a quick cash grab by Frank back in the day and Frank was quite up front about his motivations behind the release. All of these bootleg recordings are easily available generally more complete and better quality on a site where all true mad keen fans know where to find them.

You can also check out the Information is Not Knowledge site if you want to read more accurate information on these releases other than what is printed on the bootleg covers.

Thanks TwentySmallCigars. That information will be helpful for everyone. Apparently there available for download somewhere but I've yet to find them. The MP3's I received once from a friend were vastly inferior to the vinyl box set for volume 1 at least. Of Volume 2 there's bits from it in files and I've been unable to find Volume 3 anywhere. For obvious reasons it would be impossible to supply a link to a site that might have these and I'd actually prefer to support ZFT(even if I am a touch peeved about the nonsense that's happening to Dweezil.)

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