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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:46 am 
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As I didn't yet have a CD copy and checking around it looks like it would be pretty hard to obtain a CD now in any case, I snapped up the Vinyl edition.

Wow, what a beautiful record. Stunning electric Orange in colour and brimming with goodness.

I found this a really exciting journey for my ears. Very interesting and I was rather surprised at the HiFi audio quality considering this was a record made from a Digital source.

After hearing this and being blown away, I'm going to grab the Vinyl re-releases of Hot Rats, One Size Fits All, Apostrophe and Overnight Sensation(not necessarily in that order). From what I've been reading these have been made from the original analog source so as far as HiFi goes this is right up there and in fact probably superior to SACD or high definition audio versions of the album. In short I'm looking forward to the holy grail of Frank Zappa albums. Serious Analog transfer Vinyl that will deliver full frequency range and best of all not be scuffed or scratched like way to many 2nd hand albums I've acquisitioned over the years.

Really excited about these releases. High quality vinyl that should last for years and best of all as I'll be the first owner, stay scratch free and pristine. Hot Rats on Vinyl with a brand new mastered from original analog source transfer, I can hardly wait. :)

So yes, in short(well for me fellow Zappa fans), Feed the Monkies At Ma Maison, is a really interesting bridge between Jazz From Hell and Civilisation Phase 3. Some fans didn't like it as they prefer full on bands and actual players(who doesn't right?), but for this fan, I've always had a respect for good electronic music and how I wish they played Frank's composed gems instead of the brain dead techno and trance music that emerges on the mainstream market these days. It's exciting music and what I found really interesting was the way Frank composed pieces primarily that he felt no musician would be able to play(even the Ensemble Modern as heard on The Yellow Shark album, took a whole host of people all playing together to achieve works like G-Spot Tornado in a live setting and they found it a technical challenge that took many goes to get it right. Essentially without a group it would have been impossible). It's something that's prevalent in all of Frank's music that I really admire. Albums like this one where he went out and did something practically experimental and really achieved new ground. Point me to any techno group that can even come near the complexity of Frank's fascinating pieces on this album and I'll send you a free Zappa album.

Very interesting album, Moon's vocal on Buffalo voice was really haunting and well placed. I can put this music on and just let it tell the story. I have no expectations and simply enjoy these new melodies and harmonic journey's, there's nothing else like it I can think of. Very unique and very Frank Zappa. Long Live his memory.

Finally the cover is great. It reminds me of 'Oingo Boingo' and for me, it instantly said 'Dead Man's Party.' However the monkies and the Fish on the serving platter have me guessing???? Anyone for a try at art interpretation for this interesting art piece?

A worthwhile addition to fans who enjoy Frank's electronic music work.

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