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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:27 am 

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(posting it here first to see if I need to clean up a few sentences here and there ... with comments from the folks here!)

October 23, 2013 ... Walt Disney Concert Hall ... Los Angeles ... Esa-Pekka Salonen ... the Los Angeles Philharmonic ... the Los Angeles Master Chorale ...

We should be so lucky, to, once in our lifetimes, have a chance to see something, that you and I know ... will never get done again, at least in America. But, if you and I were not there, you can at the very least be assured ... well ... that you can get a CD that has this show, maybe even a DVD, if we're lucky!

Well, we got a CD ... and how incredibly cool, is that it really surpasses the original by a mile, and comes off better ... as "classical music" ... than it did way back when as a rock band, and creating a movie, that for all intents and purposes was ... crazy ... weird ... off its rocker ... and ... that's a movie?

"I would say that the outrageous aspects of Zappa are perhaps less important for today's audience. We're witnessing a historical moment where we can actually hear the other aspects of his music better because we are no longer stunned by that weirdness. Reading this score now, there is a sheer richness of fantasy. He had such a vivid imagination in every way." Salonen has stated.

Guess what rock fans can't do, or appreciate?

Granted, the film, nowadays looks dated and strange, but as an exercise in trying to create something new in film, in general, most folks in the audience were either too stoned, or simply looked at this as weird ... and ... how can anyone call that a movie?

Today, when you sit down and listen to the 2 CD's on this performance, you do not think about that, and neither do you sit here and want to follow it up with trying to find out what the story is, and what it is all about, and why are the story and the visuals all so strange? When compared to a lot of modern music, this piece, called "200 Motels - The Suites", is incredible and something that stands out a lot more as a valuable piece of modern music, than it will EVER stand out as a rock piece of music that very few rock fans will actually enjoy and appreciate, and actually see ... the attempt to make the music into something more modern, with rock musicians ... some of which still go around making fun of this thing.

You're likely to get caught up, like I did, on listening to the 2nd CD several times, and just fall apart and cry, during "Strictly Genteel", as this whole CD comes off so indicative of what Frank Zappa could not do at that time, or anyone around him, could even conceive, or appreciate where the modern classical music has been for a long time ... but not many of us has heard anything at all.

And then, comes Frank Zappa.

For many years, Frank has been mostly appreciated as some kind of rock music icon, and this was something that even he, did not appreciate a whole lot ... he knew his music was more, but he could not get the credibility for it in America. He found it in Europe, but sadly, most of that orchestral stuff, that started with the ideas surrounding "200 Motels", was not appreciated in America much, making this concert at UCLA even more magical and mystical.

I knew right away from the first album I bought of Frank's music, that this was not about rock music, even though one piece was rock music (Chunga's Revenge was the album), and some were not ... but as time went by, people were wanting Frank's guitar and rock pieces, and that is a very good side of his work, but it is not the majority of his work, and is the part that shows and explains ... why so many different things in these albums ... with "Overnight Sensation" probably being the exception as it was strictly commercial and designed for the FM radio band.

But seeing this whole piece of music, stand out even bigger and better than the film itself, is something that many of us will never have a chance to see in our lifetimes, and one has to credit such an incredible conductor to stand there and show us ... folks ... here it is ... take it ... and deliver, an evening, that most of us can not even dream of.

A lot of you folks want the Roxy DVD ... but this set of CD's is the one that defines Frank and his musical history a lot more ... than we can imagine. This is Frank Zappa ... lively, exciting, incredible, and a magnificent composer! And you will be convinced at the end of the CD's!

All that is left is a large thank you to the late Gail Zappa, his late wife, for "200 Motels", is her last involvement in her husband's work. And what a beautiful way to go, as she passed away a bit later, knowing that one of her biggest battles all her life, has been the rights of the film, that she has had with some movie studios who continue to steal many films from all the actors and players in the business. Because there are so many people, the studio can continue to control these things by saying that all actors and workers, are nothing but hired hands. But, we know who the creative force is and will be remembered!

(Salonen quote from the CD)

Listings on the CD's:

1. Overture [2:17]
2. Went On The Road [1:41]
3. Centerville [2:24]
4. This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich [10:15]
5. The Restaurant Scene [4:23]
6. Touring Can Make You Crazy [2:06]
7. What's The Name Of Your Group? [11:46]
8. Can I Help You With This Dummy? [2:33]
9. The Pleated Gazelle [21:00]
1. I'm Stealing The Room [13:44]
2. Shove It Right In [7:26]
3. Penis Dimension [9:58]
4. Strictly Genteel [11:14]

The only art there is, resides within your heart. Have you listened to it lately to ensure that the top ten is better than you are?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:18 pm 
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Great job!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:28 am 

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Thanks ... cleaned up some sentencing and organized it a bit better, I think.

I felt it was a bit all over the place and not organized upon re-reading it. Sadly, I am not sure it will help sell more of these ... I think most/many of the folks/fans here, are onto the rock side of Frank' music, as evidenced by the Roxy fanaticism, and I'm not sure tat this will be appreciated as much as it should.

Frank will be remembered far more for these things than the rock/jazz stuff.

The only art there is, resides within your heart. Have you listened to it lately to ensure that the top ten is better than you are?

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